April.13th - 15th
University of Pennsylvania
To Build the Bridge Between Us
To Build the Bridge Between Us




the World to China: Challenges in Supply Side Reform
China to the World: Integration in Globalization Strategy


PWCS 2017
Qiyue Zhang
Consulate General of China in New York
Shiyi Pan
Chairman of Soho China
Jizhong Zhang
Chinese TV Producer
Xin Zhou
Chairman of Ehouse Holdings
Ning Li
Executive Director of Li Ning Co.
Yiming Zhang
CEO of Toutiao
Tad Smith
CEO of Sotheby’s
Jiwu Wang
Board Director of Tuspark Holdings
KaiJing Yan
Chairman of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group
Ying Yu
VP of Poly Real Estate
Jianzhong Fu
Co-founder of Geekhouse Capital
Haiping Hu
Board Director of Shanshan Investment Holding Co LTD.
Qiang Wang
Founder of ZhenFund
Xu Chen
CEO of Bank of China USA
Xiaojie Huang
Founding Partner of JD Investment
Pinjue Che
Head of Data Committee of Alibaba
Jian Sun
CEO of Homeinn Hotel Group
Zuyu Ding
CEO of Ehouse China
Theresa Tse
CEO of CP Pharmaceutical Group
Lawton R. Burns
Chair of the Health Care Management Department
Bruce Novich
Executive Vice President and General Management of Cellular Dynamics
Xiaoyu Weng
Deputy Curator of Guggenheim Museum
Xiongwen Lu
Dean of Management of Fudan University
Linda He
President of Wailian Consulting
Zheng Yan
Special Advisor to Columbia University Teacher College
Huining Cao
Chair of Finance Department At CKGSB
PWCS 2016
Jun Lei
Founder of Xiaomi technology
Jixing Zhang
General manager of Sinopec USA
Qiang Tan
CEO of MetLife China
Xin Zhou
Chairman of Ehouse Holdings
Jun Pan
Chairman and CEO of Fantasia Holdings
Zhonghua Lin
Founder of Ruifeng fund
Changfeng Ding
Director of Vanke commercial real estate
Jianda Ni
Chairman of Jupai investment group
David Yi Li
Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan China
Kaige Chen
Renowned Chinese Film Director
Kennedy Xu
Renowned writer and screenrighter
Sanping Han
Former Chairman of China Film Group
Max Michael
Asia Business Director of United Talent
Yanling Wang
CEO of 798 Art Zone
Han Lin
Founder of M Woods Art Gallery
Hang Chen
President of China Cultural Industry Investment Fund Management co.
Man Chen
Renowned photographer
Gong Dong
Celebrated Chinese architect
Ke Wei
Chief operating officer of 36 KR
Dong Duan
Vice President of 58 City
Xiaobo Cui
Founder and CEO of TalkingData
Jie Tang
General Representative of Suning USA
Jay Coen Gilbert
Founder and CEO of Grade B Corporate Rating
Jing Han
Deputy secretary general of the China Social Entrepreneur Foundation
Fei Deng
Editor in Chief of Phoenix Weekly and sponsor of Free Lunch for Children
Ma Kam-wah
Hong Kong "Justice of Peace"
Wayne Silby
Founder of Calvert Foundation


China's New Normal:
The Next Engine of Growth